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BackPackGearTest gives very extensive reviews of all kinds of backpackgear. Three reviewers have tested the Spirit for months and give three reviews: an initial report, a field report and a long term review. If you are looking to buy a multi tool for backpacking use, these reviews are very useful.

The verdicts (keep in mind that these are from people who were asked to review the tool, not from people who sought out a multi tool themselves):

I don't really feel as though the Spirit has offered anything unique beyond the other multi-tools I have used in the past although the Spirit has held up to general use better than less expensive counterparts. Anthony Smith

The Spirit has mainly performed as expected. It's come in handy at home, work, and while backpacking. Even though there are a few things that I would do differently if I had designed it, I still like it quite well and will carry it on future trips. Becki Stacy

Overall, I have been extremely pleased with the Swiss Tool Spirit. It has been a well used, and very usable tool. It is amazing that it looks like new, with very little change to the surfaces of any of the tool's parts. [...] There have been no issues with its use, and I find that it is the first tool I reach for. Leesa Joiner

BackPackGearTest SwissTool Spirit reviews

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September 9, 2006