Review of SwissTool Spirit, Leatherman Charge Ti and Gerber Legend 800

Joshua Feldman has written an extensive comparison of the SwissTool Spirit, Leatherman Charge Ti and the Gerber Legend 800 on A couple of the points he compares, with the winners per category (read the full review for all the categories):

  • Size: Swisstool Spirit
  • Pliers: Gerber Legend
  • Knives: Charge Ti
  • Saw: Charge Ti and Swisstool Spirit
  • File: Charge Ti and Swisstool Spirit
  • Phillips screwdriver: Swisstool Spirit
  • Scissors: Swisstool Spirit
  • Flat screwdrivers: Swisstool Spirit
  • Can/Bottle opener: Swisstool Spirit
  • Awl: only available on Swisstool Spirit
  • Ruler: only available on Charge Ti
  • Fit and finish: Swisstool Spirit

The conclusion: Overall winner depends on your list of priorities. I'd say the Charge Ti is the best overall - most useful in the widest range of situations. Ultimately, any of these tools will serve you well. The Victorinox Spirit with its high utility, great refinement, light weight and low price is real nice pick - expecially well suited to the well dressed, ladies, and anyone who appreciates a nice unit.

Read the entire review with the explanations for the winners in each category and Mr Feldman's overall opinion.

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August 27, 2006