Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend

weight 244 g
closed length 4.29
open length 6.57
one hand opening
locking tools +
nose needle
wire cutter +
wire stripper
wire crimper
one hand opening knife
plain blade +
serrated blade
bit holder
screwdrivers 3
phillips screwdriver +
tools open from outside
file +
bottle opener +
can opener
scissors +
lanyard attachment
remarks replaceable carbide cutters
Gerber Multi-Plier 800 Legend Sales pitch:

If you've ever wondered about the stuff that legends are made of, you'd do well to start with stellar stainless steel...such as you'll find in the hardware of the Legend. Consider, too, the contoured aluminum that goes into the handles. And the tactile rubber inserts that insure your steady grip.

These are the primary elements of what is generally considered to be the ultimate expression of the Gerber multi-tool. Being versatile wasn't enough for the guys who designed these tools. No, they worked hard to deliver a level of ergonomics and comfort that is rarely, if ever, seen.

The pliers are spring-loaded, as you'd expect. The ballistic nylon sheath is included, which is no surprise. However the tungsten carbide wire cutting blades are replaceable, which you might not expect.

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