Gerber Recoil

closed length 4.41
open length 5.83
one hand opening +
locking tools +
nose needle
wire cutter +
wire stripper +
wire crimper
one hand opening knife
plain blade +
serrated blade
bit holder
screwdrivers 1
phillips screwdriver +
tools open from outside
bottle opener
can opener
scissors +
lanyard attachment
remarks switchblade-like opening pliers
Gerber Recoil Sales pitch:

Okay, let's get one thing straight right away. Even though the name Recoil Auto-Plier suggests that this industry-impact tool is good for working on automobiles—which of course is true—it's actually ideal for infinite tasks. Because "auto " refers to our fully automatic plier opening system.

This is an unprecedented one-handed opening solution that works very much like a switchblade. Just push the button and the pliers snap out with a vengeance.

And if that wasn't enough, our designers also engineered a clever spring-loaded handle construction, for additional ease of use. The stainless steel tool set includes Fiskars® scissors and many other practical tools.... each one of which is secured by our patented Saf.T.Plus™ locking system: easily the safest and strongest lock in the business.

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