SOG EOD PowerLock

weight 270 g
closed length 4.62
open length 7.00
one hand opening +
locking tools +
nose needle
wire cutter +
wire stripper
wire crimper +
one hand opening knife
plain blade
serrated blade partially
bit holder toolkit optional
screwdrivers 3
phillips screwdriver +
tools open from outside
saw wood
file three sided
awl +
bottle opener +
can opener s
ruler +
scissors +
lanyard attachment +
remarks interchangeable components; compound leverage, blasting cap crimper
SOG EOD PowerLock Sales pitch:

Using the proven PowerLock chassis, SOG is the only company to apply compound leverage technology to EOD(Explosive Ordnance Disposal). This makes it a breeze to crimp blasting caps and demolition cord with less hand pressure. Another unique SOG feature is the positioning of the crimper device within the confines of the handle...not in the plier jaw, like all other designs. This serves to minimize collateral damage to the crimper and allows the operator to have full use of the uninterrupted plier surface. Additionally there is no weakening of the pliers that often causes breakage of the plier tips. The crimper produces non-flaring, high pull out strength crimps that meet government fuse well specifications. It is also GSA approved.

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