SOG PowerLock

weight 270 g
closed length 4.62
open length 7.00
one hand opening +
locking tools +
nose needle
wire cutter +
wire stripper
wire crimper +
one hand opening knife
plain blade
serrated blade partially
bit holder toolkit op
screwdrivers 3
phillips screwdriver +
tools open from outside
saw wood
file three sided
awl +
bottle opener +
can opener s
ruler +
scissors +
lanyard attachment +
remarks interchangeable components; compound leverage
SOG PowerLock Sales pitch:

So many of you have asked us to develop the ultimate folding pliers tool — one that has component locks, is comfortable to use, and offers a complete tool package. With the PowerLock, we have done this and much more!

Driven by SOG's exclusive interlocking gear system, Compound Leverage™ has become a SOG patented trademark in folding tools. It truly allows miniaturization of traditional larger pliers by providing increased leverage. With every pound of pressure applied at the handles, twice the power of conventional designs is generated in the pliers, therefore minimizing the amount of hand pressure that is required to get the most torque out of your tool. This mechanical advantage is known mostly in the trades by people who use their tools every day.

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