Victorinox SwissTool

weight 280 g.
closed length 4.5
open length
one hand opening
locking tools +
nose needle
wire cutter +
wire stripper +
wire crimper +
one hand opening knife
plain blade +
serrated blade +
bit holder
screwdrivers 4
phillips screwdriver +
tools open from outside +
saw metal+wood
file metal
awl +
bottle opener +
can opener +
ruler +
lanyard attachment
Victorinox SwissTool Sales pitch:

A multi-tool at its best. A standard against which all multi-tools can be measured, the SwissTool’s superior quality and performance are evident the first time you pick it up.

Whether you’re an electrician by trade or just a weekend handyman, this ingeniously designed SwissTool is ruggedly constructed and offers ease of use. It packs 27 features - including full-size pliers.

What makes the SwissTool unique?

  • One Step Access
  • Tools can be opened directly from the outside of the handle, without first having to open the pliers.
  • No Clumping
  • Individual springs hold each tool in place, so you can easily access only the tool you want to use.
  • Tools are locked into place when opened. When closed, simply slide the release button and fold the tool away.

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